Jul 18

Way To Go Angie!!!!

Congratulations Angie!!


On Tuesday evening, as the Library Board met for their monthly meeting, Emily Sitz from the Southwest Kansas Library System (SWKLS) was on hand to present Library Directory Angie Zehr with a Certificate of Achievement for completing the Apple Program Courses. For the last year Angie has been working on these Apple courses which were very much like college classes with instructors and homework. These courses covered the various areas that a library needs to be concerned with including budgeting, how to write library policy, utilizing board members, as well as a number of other areas. The Apple program was a lot of extra work for Angie and we greatly appreciate that she went to all the extra work over the past year to make the Montezuma Township Library a better place!! Thanks Angie and Congratulations for a job well done!

Jul 18

Finished Flying Fireflies Flit and Flutter


The Library hosted two Fireflies in a Jar painting parties during July. We had a total of 16 painters who had a ball playing with Glow In The Dark paint. We spent a lot of time in the dark bathroom looking at our paint GLOW!!

10502062_687028004696762_1475727262635609805_n 10505546_687027821363447_413935345479004636_n 10511211_680312342034995_6263500131449611175_n 10513263_687027951363434_339485205184173327_n 10513316_687027931363436_5885472126383309376_n 10537436_687027974696765_5734140422921393432_n 10561743_687028041363425_5489434869064338305_n1910507_687027718030124_2097001905160845167_n 10386296_687027854696777_6983051057859944190_n 10387699_687028028030093_977928199867555421_n 10393779_687027884696774_2777863414658710487_n

We had one ROGUE painter who did her own thing, a chicken! It will to nicely with the cow she painted a few months ago!


We are going to take a break from painting parties during August but we’ll start back up once school gets started.

Keep checking the website and Facebook to stay up to date on paintings and times!

Jul 03


The Library’s Summer Reading Program has been a great success and is rolling to a close next week.

Library Director Angie has been keeping Montezuma’s kids, and parents, hopping this summer with Movie Monday’s and tons of different programs.

The kids have also spent the last few weeks reading and completing reading logs to be eligible for the Grand Prize next week!!


We had Smoky Hills PBS visit with a short video, a craft and a free book for every child.


Waterpalooza was a welcome treat for the kids on those hot summer days.



This year’s theme was SCIENCE!


Most of the summers programs had a science theme.


The Library hosted a science fair where kids shared their own experiments and explained what they did and how things worked.



The ever popular Dan Dan the Magic Man treated the kids to a fabulous science based magic show!



Crazy Science Guy visited one day to share his expertise. The microscopes were obviously popular.


Angie had all the kids come in a different day and make their own goo, exploding soap, and exploding bags.

The kids love explosions!


Thanks Angie for all your hard work! The kids have had a blast and we are all looking forward to the Grand Prize next week!

Keep reading!!

Jun 09

July Painting Parties – GLOW!!!

In July we will be painting the Fireflies in a Jar.

What makes this painting especially exciting is that we will be using Glow In The Dark paint to create an extra effect!



As always please reserve your spot, so Angie can make sure there are plenty of supplies, by calling the library at (620)846-7032.

Jun 09

Last minute changes but the results were wonderful!

We had a slight change to our June morning painting plan but it worked out wonderfully. We were supposed to paint some fruit but instead we painted this patriotic landscape. An ideal summer day, with a tire swing and fiery sky.




In the evening we painted a Playful Peacock.



I love this painting because I’ve found that it can be quite successful with a lot of variation and creativity.



Thanks to all the ladies who keep coming back to the Library and supporting our Painting Parties.

Requests and suggestions for painting subjects and themes are always welcome!

May 20

Themes for June Painting Parties!

The Library will be hosting two painting parties on June 2nd.

The morning class will begin at 9:00 and we’ll be doing something a bit different this month. Rather than having Heather lead us step by step through a painting, artists will choose either an apple or a pear and paint from life…with help from Heather of course.


The evening class will be the same format as always and will begin at 6:30 and we’ll be painting our Proud Peacock.


If you are interested in joining us for either of these classes cost is $20 per person. Contact Angie at the library to reserve your spot.

May 09

Moonrise (or Sunset) Paintings are a success!

The Library hosted two painting parties (a morning and an evening) this first full week of May where Heather led us in painting a landscape that included trees, a lake, mountains and a sunset (or moonrise!). There was a lot of positive feedback from this particular painting with a lot of variations, from colors to palm trees.

998795_651211294945100_47761612557849587_n 1782003_652805971452299_4277553852348246534_n 10171718_652805801452316_1607868425522861569_n 10172605_652806008118962_1750885637606953298_n

Oranges, blues and pinks…oh my!!

10174871_652805938118969_1280787526536307900_n 10245273_651211354945094_3224893604456936594_n 10309710_651211328278430_1578882959900233957_n 10313018_652805824785647_8037198380664662416_n


The Library’s next painting parties will be on June 2nd; one in the morning and one in the evening. A post wil be coming soon showing what we’ll be painting.


Apr 14

Our May Painting; Sunset Over the Water


Sunset Over The Water

We’ll be painting this relaxing view twice this month at the Library.

Monday, May 5th at 9:00 in the morning and Thursday, May 8th at 6:30 in the evening.

Contact Angie at the Library to reserve your spot.

Mar 26

Whoooo’s coming to the April Painting Party?

Our April painting will be these little duo!

Whooooo’s going to come join us for an evening of relaxation and creativity??


We’ll be painting these two on Monday, April 7th from 9:00-11:00. Cost is $20, checks can be made out to the Montezuma Township Library.

Call Angie to reserve your spot!

Mar 26

Flower Field Painting Party, so many colors!!

The March painting of by the Montezuma Monets was a field of flowers (1 newbie!) and WOW!!! what a variety of colors and textures!!DSC_1881DSC_1880DSC_1878DSC_1875DSC_1874DSC_1873DSC_1872


It may not feel like spring outside today but these paintings will sure bring a dash of spring inside!